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Elliot Lake dentists at Elliot Lake Dental Centre use an Odyssey Diode Laser to assist with many soft tissue applications. An 810nm diode laser is used for soft tissue dental treatment. Dental laser use has proven to be a comfortable and predictable way to treat various oral ailments.


By using a dental laser we are able to assist with healing of cold sores (herpes simplex),canker sores and denture sores. These can be treated during your dental appointment so you can leave with reduced discomfort and initiation of the healing process. Many studies have shown lasers are very effective in the treatment of-and prevention of-new lesions. 


Besides oral disease, soft tissue dental lasers can be used in the mouth for many other dental applications such as:


  • treatment of gingivits and periodontitis/periodontal disease

  • assists in healing of split lips (from dryness)

  • canker and cold sores

  • denture sores

  • oral lesions/pain due to radiation or chemotherapy

  • lichen planus

  • tongue tie/frenum attachment(s)/frenectomy

  • gum tissue contouring and smile contouring

  • tooth exposure prior to orthodotics

  • removal of excess gum tissue around wisdom teeth

  • dental implant exposure

  • biopsy of oral tissue/removal of oral lesions

  • amalgam tatoo removal

  • pigmentation removal

  • sterilization of pocket after removal of a tooth

  • draining dental abscesses

If you have a dental concern and would like it treated with our soft tissue dental laser call our Elliot Lake dentists today at (705)848-6885.

Laser Dentistry

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