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Preventative Dentistry and Dental Cleaning

When we see a new patient at Elliot Lake Dental Care, our first goal is to eliminate any pain that person is having, restore oral health, and correct any concerns you may have. However, we don’t lose interest once you achieve a healthy, dazzling smile. In fact, one of the most important services we provide is preventative dental care, to help you preserve the appearance and health of your smile. Our Elliot Lake Dental Centre team can provide customized dental hygiene maintenance plans based on your individual needs to get your gums healthy and halt/prevent the progression of periodontal disease.


Cleaning & Prevention

A visit to our Elliot Lake Dental office includes:

  • Teeth Cleaning – Our dental hygienist has the training and specially designed tools to clean the nooks, crannies, pits, fissures, and areas below the gum line. Professional teeth cleaning removes hardened tartar, as well as plaque.

  • Polishing – This helps remove external stains from the teeth. Polished teeth appear brighter, for a sparkling smile.

  • Education – We are at Elliot Lake Dental Centre are your partners in great smiles, and we want to work with you every step of the way.!That includes helping you better understand your own oral health, including any unique challenges that you face. Your regular dental visit is your opportunity to ask questions, learn something interesting, and enjoy a healthier smile for your efforts.

  • Examination – A dental checkup might not sound very exciting

    but early detection facilitates conservative, effective

    treatment with most conditions.       



What You Can Do At Home

Maintaining your beautiful smile is a team effort, and you are one of the most important members of that team! We don't see you every day, so your at-home hygiene is crucial. How and when you brush and floss are just as important as how frequently. Your dental hygienist will teach you the most effective, efficient techniques. We will be happy to help you choose the best hygiene products for your specific oral health concerns.


At Elliot Lake Dental Centre we want to be your partners in great oral health! Together, we can keep your smile spectacular for life. Call our Elliot Lake and Blind River dental team today for your family's comprehensive dental care needs at (705)848-6885

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