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Dental Bridges

A missing tooth/teeth can negatively affect the appearance and function of your smile. A missing tooth/teeth may cause; shifting of adjacent or opposing teeth, TMJ disorder, speech impediments, a change in how your teeth meet together and increased risk for gum disease or tooth decay.


One option to replace a missing tooth or teeth is a dental bridge.


At Elliot Lake Dental Centre we will examine the health of your gums, teeth and surrounding bone to evaluate if you are a candidate for a dental bridge. We will discuss this and other options to replace your missing tooth/teeth.



If a dental bridge is a good option for your particular situation, our team at Elliot Lake Dental Centre will require two dental appointments with you; one appointment to prepare the teeth and the second to fit/cement your new bridge.


During your first visit with us for the preparation of the dental bridge, you will be numbed so the dentist can shape the teeth (abutments) required to support the bridge. If the abutment teeth are decayed or fractured, your dentist may need to rebuild them before they can be used as support teeth for a new bridge.


Next, we will take dental impressions so we can send them to the lab to fabricate the dental bridge by a certified lab tech so that it will fit precisely. During the time your new dental bridge is being fabricated, you will be provided with a temporary bridge dentist so the teeth and gums can be protected until your permanent bridge is ready.


During your second visit with us the temporary dental bridge will be removed and the permanent dental bridge will be tried on the prepared teeth and only when you are 100% happy, it will be cemented onto your teeth.  At this point you may function on your new bridge just like your natural teeth.


If you have questions about dental bridges please call our Elliot Lake dentist office to book an examination appointment at (705)848-6885

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