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The Toddler and Child Day at the Dentist program was created in 2005 in Toronto by Sarah Haas, RDH and Dr.Nathan Haas. This program was started initially to introduce friends and family members children to the dentist in a fun and positive way, but it soon became much more!


Sarah and Dr.Nathan recognized that many patients and parents has questions about their baby's, toddler's or child's teeth, but many hesitated in bringing their child when they were young as they didn't think they would "enjoy" the experience. As parents, the couple understood the importance of early dental examinations and education to prevent dental disease in the long run. As well, they both appreciated that a dental office environment could be overwhelming to a young child. Thus Toddler and Child Day at the Dentist program was born, providing free dental examinations and cleanings to young children. This program started in 2005 in Toronto at Haas Dental Centre and Stonebrook Dental. When Dr.Nathan and Sarah moved to Sault Ste Marie, Sarah's hometown, this program was brought and established at Northern Dental Care. These programs remain active today!


Soon this exciting program will be available to toddlers and children in Elliot Lake and the surrounding North Shore! The Elliot Lake Dental Team's goal for this program will remain the same as Dr.Nathan and Sarah's initial one, "To provide all children a fun and positive experience at the dentist to promote oral health for a lifetime!"


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Sarah Haas, RDH and Dr. Nathan Haas co-founders of Toddler and Child Day at the Dentist program


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